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- 11 - Arbeitsblätter

Colours; This section contains basic exercises and games which will help pupils get to know some various pieces of clothing and they will also be able to translate them.

Pupils can ask each other questions about the colour of their clothing. They can then colour in the pictures on the sheet.

This work sheet contains an exercise which helps pupils sort objects according to their colours.

Pupils can write down the colours of boxes or colour the boxes accordingly.

Arbeitsblatt passt für folgende Produkte

Pupils will get to know some basic information on colours in a playful way.

Pupils can colour a set balloons being held up by a clown accordingly.

For this exercise, pupils can write down the names of the colours in various boxes.

This little rhyme describes the colours of certain objects. Pupils should read through the rhyme and colour the objects accordingly.

Pupils are given a picture of a clown which they can colour accordingly. It also includes an exercise where pupils can unscramble the letters of colours and write them down.

Here is some information on the colours of two peoples’ clothing. Pupils can read through the info and colour in the pictures accordingly.

Various shapes are depicted here which pupils should can count and then colour in.

On this work sheet pupils can describe a girl in short sentences using the colours and body parts given. (E.g.: She has got short hair.)