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- 12 - Arbeitsblätter

Food; This section contains work sheets about various foods, from junk food to fruit and veg. Pupils will get to know a wide range of foods and be able to translate them.

Pupils can match pictures of vegetables with the words in the box using numbers.

This work sheet contains an exercise where pupils must write the names of each vegetable under the pictures using the words from the box.

This work sheet contains a list of words concerning meal time. Pupils can translate each word into English.

Try to find the correct names of the fruits and vegetables and put them into the baskets.

Using the words from the box, pupils can write the names of each fruit under the pictures.

On this work sheet are lots of different fruit which pupils can match with the words in the box using numbers.

This exercise asks pupils to translate the names of certain foods in English using words from the box at the top of the page.

Arbeitsblatt passt für folgende Produkte

Pupils can match pictures of different foods with the words on the side using numbers.

Pupils can assign various foods to different categories. There is also an exercise which involves putting words in the correct order to form a sentence.

This dialogue contains gaps which pupils can fill in and say the object which has been drawn instead of written. Afterwards, the pupils can act out the dialogue in pairs.

Children will learn about the importance of heathly eating with the help of a food pyramid.

animals - food; Pupils can find the correct words to describe certain pictures using a set of vocabulary.